A Thanksgiving filled with ups and downs

Yesterday I passed Thanksgiving with some close friends of mine and their house. I hold been blessed with such great friends and their homes take me in equally, I wish to name it, the foreign exchange pupil from the other side of the land. I holded a great clip and got to pass some more quality clip with their small infant boy ( he Holds all of 2 months old and crack cute ). As I was holding a great clip at my Thanksgiving dinner, my house back east, was seing something completely different.

My auntie holded been named with an aggressive descriptor of lung cancer a month or two ago. She holded unfortunately lost her engagement with cancer on Thanksgiving. My auntie was genuinely a great soul. She overcomed humour and was one inferno of a cook. We will all lose her greatly and I cognise that she Holds upwards in nirvana with her house and my grandparents. I 'm sure her and nanna are looking downwardly on us and enquire why ca n't one of us do a nice pie? And I cognise that she is doing everyone in heaven laughter. We 'll lose you Auntie Denim.

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A New House Mate

A couple of months ago I blogged about a Gecko who sleep in the Villa I am presently remaining out. Swell the other day he doed a fugitive appearance. I scudded to get the camera and negociated to get this shooting of our new house mate before he attended his concealling spot:

I must acknowledge to conceiving the limpid appearance is all a trifle spot chilling but I am rather happy he accepts us as they wish to eat flies and other small insects. Nevertheless I am not sure he would be welcome to one our dinner.

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Book Revaluation: The Doomed Metropolis of Omega

I applied to conceive I desired to see the Virago.

But it was n't the large piranhas that he and his familiars fuss about most. It was the never-ending pestilences. The sauba pismires that could cut manpowers 's dresses and packsack to yarns in a individual dark. The tickings that attached like bloodsuckers ( another flagellum ) and the ruby hairy chigoes that downed human tissue. The cyanide-squirting millepede. The helminth that doed sightlessness. The Bern flies that drove their ovipostors through vesture and lodged larval eggs that hatched and tunnelled under the cutis. The nighly unseeable biting flies named piums that left the adventurers ' bodies covered in lesions. So there were the `` conenose bug, '' which bite their victim on the lips, tranferring a protozoon named Typanasoma cruzi
; twenty ages afterwards, the somebody, believing he holded escaped the jungle unhurt, would commence to expire of bosom or encephalon lump. Cypher, though, was more wild that the mosquitoes. They transmitted everything from malaria to `` bone-crusher '' fever to elephantiasis to black vomit. `` [ Mosquitoes ] comprise the chief individual ground why Amazonia is a frontier still to be won, '' Willard Cost composed in his 1952 book The Amazing Virago

I posed The Doomed Metropolis of Omega
, by David Gramm, on my library petition listing back when it was firstly reviewed in the New York Times
I think Michiko Kakutani was overexuberant about Gramm's writing I was tempted at times to give up on the book, mostly because some of it felt too contrived: The overshadowing Preface; the abrupt end of a chapter just as a group of adventure seekers (including the 16-year-old son of the leader) are caught by tribesmen who threaten, "You are our prisoners for life!", then leaving that story for an exposition of the author's chubbiness and general inexperience with anything more grueling than a walk across the island of Manhattan; the way the "secret" of the city of Z is exposed to us at the end, although the author must have known about it before we get to that point.

I 'm glad I lodged it out, though. The abrasiveness of the landscape is greater than we conceive ( over one-half of the seing opera company invited to baptise Manaos 's opera during the caoutchouc thunder croaked of malaria ), the result of contact with Europeans was more annihilating that we can ideate, and the dreaded intervention of native groupings by the caoutchouc barons is worse than what happed to native groupings in North U.S.A..

Archeologists hold done incredible uncoverings about pre-European civilisation in the Virago, and I 'm saddened to believe no one verily cognizes about them.

The adventurer Fawcett was a tough old coot, and his experiences should be better cognized than they are. But the cataclysm of his disappearing is that, experiencing himself getting older ( he was 57 when he left on his last escapade ), and fearing his contenders were getting before of him in researching the unknowns of the Virago, the he doed an highly irresponsible determination: Taking his 21-year-old, movie-star aspirant, completely inexperient boy and the boy 's best-buddy as his only fellow adventurers in the hunt for Omega.

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travel turn.

Jumping Springeth!

`` She Holds doing a listing.

*crossing my fingers XD*

Make n't bury Sephora 's F & F Sale: )

Goodly I reckon unless you are seeking to avoid purchasing...

so rest far ALIR forth from a computer during this period: )

October 19th - Nov 2nd ( I believe? )

At this instant, I make n't think what the codification is I 'm presuming something simple like FF2009 or FF09...

But if you attend temptalia, or MBB, I 'm sure you will encounter more thourough items: )

All I cognise is that I returned something I purchased from Sephora, so I could pip out again with the deduction... I cognise... but the supernumerary deduction would hold done it more deserving it! lol. I 'm merely trusting that it rests in stock: Phosphorus

P... a interrogation.

When you enunciate the word `` DETAILS '' how make YOU articulate it?

Dee chases

Duh tailcoats

Deh tailcoats...


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A Communique from Heidi the Dog

Did we just bail out people who paid their country club dues instead of paying their mortgage?

Pizzeria Stella

Eventually: a pizzeria in Philadelphia that Holds not simply conceived deeply about how to get it right, but is endeavour to get there. Could domenica sera pizza parties really be in my Philadelphia futurity?

Attending Stephen Starkey 's Pizzeria Stella
tonight was a full surprise, so no pictures. Our grouping included the chef, the designer and his cousin-german the art historiographer: all foodies, all Italian-born, and all yearning for a taste of place.

The art historian sayed, unsurprisingly, the definitive pizza margherita: with basil, tomato and mozzarella di bufala, it Holds the touchstone by which all other pizzas are judged. The basil leaves were giant-sized, the sauce not overly handless, and the cheese neither light nor plentiful. From across the table, it looked to perfection right. She neither stated much about it nor shared it with others: a good mark that she was, in point of fact, basking it. :-)

The chef sayed the pizza marinara: with san marzano tomato, marjoram and slitted garlic, the least appealing pick on the card, imho. Its Centre neglected to maintain its signifier as he picked upward piece after piece, but the chef tells the tomatoes were good. The crust, not suchly. Some work is involved.

The designer got what most fascinated me, the fennel: braised fennel, ripe olive, tomato and I 'm not sure what else, as the pizza is not printed on any of the on-line menus I 've seen! I cognize we maked, so, eat it, and that its flavors were lovely despite the flag crust. Apparently, getting the right sum of toppings and the right `` cottura '' in the Centre of the pie is a trick the kitchen still requires to work out.

I was scored by a turn on my all-time favorite prosciutto tocopherol rocket, and sayed the San Daniele: smoked mozzarella, San Daniele prosciutto and babe rocket. The crust on mine was to perfection: crispy through the Centre, bubbles of char, a trifle of wad in the crust. It was a trifle dry, notwithstanding, with the smoke-cured mozzarella unassuming, and a little salata ( oversalted ), dissemble what should hold been the sugariness of one of Italy 's finest prosciutto. While no Il Pizzaiolo
pie, it was far and away the closest idea to reliable Italian pizza that I 've dine in Philadelphia.

Am not sure what I conceive about the communal seats or the designing of the dining-room, but the service was good and the host/manager - a friendly bald man with an inviting smiling - furnished something of intrigue to stare upon. Looking forwards to my following visit!

Pizzeria Stella on Urbanspoon

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Retiring from job, if I cannot pay my mortgage payment?


I justed desired to allow you all cognize that I hold n't posted a good deal the last month because I hold get on the route quite an spot and hold been rather busy with a figure of different things. I will get on the route for about two more hebdomads so, hopefully, I can get back to my regular notice.

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Semester 1 ( Other Classes )

Man doed Floods devastate AP & Mysore

Delight mind the spread

After a couple of hebdomads of ineluctably immersing myself in work ( and menage ) I hold overleapt to blog. This is partially because of hum but besides because really there holds not been much to state. I run to utilize this blog to showcase what I discover occuring around authorities and the digital infinite, and awhile it was a battle to maintain upwardly, now notwithstanding, there is a soft credence, espousal and motility in the way of the futurity. The door is no more being kicked at, it is unfastened; the occupation now is to aid everyone working in sections to mind that spread of noesis.

What holds gotten glaringly plain is the widening spread between the exercise of societal tools for large Phosphorus ' Politics and Politicians, then public service. This took me by surprise, but explicates why I was slightly crossed by the tasks at Rewired Province that leant to center on Politics and Politicians instead than public service information mash-ups that would aid us in our lives ( I was about to state daily but that might be a range overly far ).

My direction get on the public service usage of societal media within the sections and by civil retainers. This leans to cover four countries:

  • policy interview - large lesson here is that the current digital environment demands earlier conflict ( and more duologue less soliloquy by the policy units )

  • selling - obviously the merchandising squads are already savvy to the fact that their on-line audience is amassing in community infinite ( and most are supplementing traditional merchandising media: Video, wireless, print, with directed on-line runs )

  • Imperativeness - imperativeness officers were belike the first to be baptised by fire and then now they are running with the crowd and monitoring what is happing in the societal media infinite: following blogs, twitter watercourses and utilising flickr and YouTube ( no remark ); my dashboard-creating mates are rattlingly busy at the minute. I too consider they should be the ones who gatekeep on behalf of the sections where they work, the tweeting/blogging countries of their sections should stay under the alert oculus of the Imperativeness Office ( Although there is needs a cross up here with Political utilization of societal tools )

  • corporate communicating: in that I include info that the department/corporate produce for citizens/business/stakeholders/other sections ( so transformational authorities and site rationalization poses the encumbrance here on Directgov andbusinesslink.gov.uk ) nevertheless it is here that the most controversial statements hap with departmental duty to the taxpayer: see the free our data'/'give us RSS ' runs and like ( both of which I staunchly support )

That leaves a glowering spread for us working in fundamental authorities: local authorities. Centrally this is the remit of the section for communities and local regime, but in that this is a whole different ballgame and the pick to prosecute utilizing societal media would have it away each council. ( Not locomoting there right now, that Holds a whole other station ).

It besides holds maked an interesting riddle for the scheme units, who are perchance not employed to working in a communicating existence that modifies society/community in rather the same manner or at the same velocity as the digital revolution holds maked. Increasingly I see strategy units re-checking the hereafter, not justly because of the depression, but likewise because of the communicating landscape and proficient revolution. This is a really exciting spot to be.

So... the update is: this is now not something new ', it suits, in a manner that S Life ne'er maked; it is an external accelerator for alteration within sections for comms squads, selling and imperativeness; it is re-energising scheme units and more importantly, or beautifully, it is re-humanising the public service, helping ( IMHO ) democracy - not suchly for the existence of Politics mayhap, but in utilising the democratic idealism for make a point our public services work goodly for us.

It is a good spot to be, and although there are engagements to be contended and won, squeaking alterations to be done and errors, the doors are firmly unfastened, we merely ask info spread proctors :) ( See what I maked there? I maked a whole new line rubric ).


So, the spreads are:

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What Holds Archie disapproving of now?



Last hebdomad, I moved downward into downtown Baltimore to encounter with a church planter about what they are making and to derive some penetrations into the civilization. While I was there, I drove around a trifle, only looking at the metropolis.

Baltimore is an interesting metropolis. Except for the primary financial/inner harborarea, most of the metropolis is about 3-stories tall mostly rowhomes. Many of the communities hold a distinguishable look-and-feel, but they are still mostly row places block after block after block.

In the country where I was driving there were two countries where a corner was carved intent on set a typical image Burger Rex eatery, parking area and all. While this exact image is rather familiar concluded U.S., it appeared highly inapposite in the downtown urban environment of Baltimore. In contrast, they but folded one of these image Burger Rex eatery here in Towson to brace oneself for some urban renovation. Its replacing is a couple of blocks forth and holds a good deal of the look-and-feel of the newer Bk paradigms, but shoulded be significantly modified to suit the mess. Interestingly plenty, the adjustments aid it to `` work '' in its local urban context.

As I believe about these things, I ca n't aid but compare these experiences to attending a Burger Rex in Manhattan anything but a epitome experience, eatery there need to suit into the bing urban textile much to a higher degree their namesakes hold maked here in the Baltimore country. The cost of the soil to lay it on merely leaves no other option. Plus, the parking situation is much different.

Early in my vocation, Iworked in an architecture house that maked the images for some major market and pharmaceutics concatenations. I could walk into one of their stores, call the protoype and the exact foursquare footage of the shop. But the outside were frequently contextualized. Nevertheless, that same house was responsible a great deal of originative and forward-looking retail and entertainmentenvironments in their part. The images may hold been great forincome... but the life of the house been in invention and contextualization.

Life occurs locally. Someways, architecture should, overly.


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